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Yes - Coach Keven, you guys (IL) have been up to some good work on improving the upper regions of human-sprint capability!   It's good to see the info being pipelined from noted biomechanists as well.  

In addition, SimpliFaster is one of those sites I take in regularly - going as far back as Jakalski's earlier reviews from the SMU Lab work.   IMHO, required reading when possible!

Look forward to viewing your work from this summer.    BTW, what position(s) do you coach for football?


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Good to see you Speed! 


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Scott, good to be seen, thanks!! I hope you guys know I will NEVER abandon TrackNation, this is home!!

W.E. I coach the running backs and defensive backs, freshman level by choice, this way I can get them headed over to the track team, put my bug in their ears!!

Jakalski and Ken Clark's work from the SMU lab is required reading. For me the treadmill, I'm not a proponent of that with respect to the aid the treadmill provides as far footsrike onto it, with the treadmill obviously being in motion and even moreso the higher rate of speed. It does serve the purpose of what Clark, Weyland, Jakalski, are looking out to discover, point out. Both when you also consider the levers, arms and legs specifically and them being in sync, you don't really get to experience that honestly with the treadmill at the high rate of speed.


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Coach, I concur with your view regarding the treadmill.   Particularly as it might relate to recovery mechanisms as well.

The Japanese and other biomechanist groups of the region have used to great affect force plates and various 3D video modulations to arrive at similar conclusions.   Though I do prefer the interpretations from the referenced authors more.


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